Friday, November 19, 2010

Smile! School Pictures

So our little guy is well, not so little anymore! He is 38.75 inches tall according to the doc now, although we think he shot up even more in the last few weeks. We are hoping he is at 40 inches for our disney trip, guess we will see. He is still a ball of energy- loving to play. While he still loves school, he also asks to stay home sometimes and it breaks my heart i can't do that with him. But he does very well at school and just moved to the big boy class of 3 year olds! We are working on potty training, but still no success. He will sit on the potty, but has yet to actually go in it. He is starting to practice more on dressing himself, but it is taking some time. He is getting better at brushing his teeth too on his own and the kid loves washing his hands!
I don't know if it is the OCD or just the fact that he likes to play in the water!

He still loves books, puzzles and all his kitchen stuff. He is getting a big imagination and now I hear him talking upstairs in the playroom to all his stuffed animals as he serves them food or gives them a puzzle to play with, it's really cute. I also found him playing with the large Cinderella castle we have from WDW. He loves hos the little lights turn on in the bushes etc. He loves trains, but isn't into cars that much really. He is still in his toddler bed, but we've promised him a big boy, full size bed with new bedroom furniture and moving him to the bigger bedroom if he can be potty trained! We will see how long that takes.

He is into singing right now too- his favorites are twinkle twinkle, ABC and i also caught him trying to sing Baby Mine too- which I've sung to him since he was a baby - he calls it the baby song. The child still will not sit still long enough to watch a full 20 minutes of TV, much less a full disney movie- i can't wait until he does though, so i can share all my great disney DVDs! He is putting a sticker each day still on our WDW countdown calendar and loves doing it- so we will definitely do that for next year too!!

My little guy is growing up!

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