Friday, November 19, 2010

Grand Opening of the New Disney Store!

In just two weeks, Alan, William and I will be sharing the magic we love so much with my mother in law and niece Lindsey! We leave on December 4th for Walt Disney World for 7 nights of holiday fun!

Fortunately, October has been super busy, between Will's birthday, hosting bunco, 2 work trips (Seattle and San Francisco), more birthdays, halloween etc etc. So time has flown!!!! Now I can't believe we are only 2 weeks away!

So to pass the time, we checked out the opening of the new disney store located in Northpark Mall in Dallas. It was super crowded, folks lined up at least 100 deep waiting for a photo with Mickey Mouse..........of course, we didn't wait, since we will see him with much shorter lines very soon! But we did explore the new interactive store.

They were only letting a set amount of people in at a time, to control the crowds in the store, since there are interactive experiences to check out. There are amazing trees with video screens on them that change- one second there are leaves falling on them, then presents, then candy canes etc. Pretty fun.
They also gave out free mouse ears, lollipops and a keychain, Will was happy about that. They had a DJ doing trivia and handing out prizes too. It was fun, but the store was not as big as I had anticipated. Besides the video trees, there was also a movie viewing area and a castle area for the girls to wave a wand in the mirror and see a princess appear and talk to them!

There was a small section for the Ridemakerz for the boys to build a remote control car, but it was a pretty tiny section.

There was also this little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that Will liked crawling through and pressing buttons for noise and lights. Overall a fun day to check out the new store and get in the disney spirit, but at least we won't have to contend with such heavy crowds on our trip hopefully!

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