Monday, November 22, 2010

Potty Success!

So on Saturday, we really worked on the potty. After a 'bribe' of a little kitchen toy he really wanted, William finally peed on the potty! We've been practicing for months now- just sitting there, but he would never go. It just didn't 'click' for him until this weekend. I left the room for a minute and hear him saying ' i did it!' and i go in and there are two little drops of pee! So i ask him to pee some more for me and then we can get his present. So he did! yeah big boy!

All day long he wore underwear at home and continued to pee in the potty at least 8 more times- sometimes just a little, other times a lot. He seemed to get the hang of it completely! We are still working on the other part.....but at least we have pee pee down for now. We had to wear pull ups while running errands and probably will until after our disney trip. But then we will work on moving to big boy underwear only! Very proud of my big guy!

On Saturday night, my nephew Michael also came over and stayed the night for a sleepover! The boys had a lot of fun together, and stayed up pretty late! On sunday morning, i wake up and they are not in bed. they are both in the bathroom and Will had already gone potty all by himself!

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