Thursday, June 23, 2011

Log Cabin Living

Vacation- Day 2

Sunday, June 12

We finally locate the right cabin and the code works. Thankfully no one was home in the other cabni we had been trying to get into. We would have felt really stupid. Our cabin is a nice spacious cabin with two stories. Master bedroom, bath (with jacuzzi tub), living area, dining and kitchen plus a huge balcony. Downstairs are three bedrooms, 2 baths, a den and pool table, plus a lower balcony. The one thing missing? Insulation. Oh yeah, log cabins don't have that. Poor Mandy took the room under the stairs, not realizing she would hear every single footstep on the stairs as the baby tried to sleep. We could hear anyone getting a drink out of the ice chest in the dining room or opening the balcony door upstairs above our room. It sort of became a joke after a while.

We were starving after getting settled in and headed to the main strip in Pigeon Forge for a late lunch. We found a McAlister's which sounded good since we wanted something light. It was after 2pm already. Next was time for groceries. It became a game on our last big family trip to the beach two years ago to see how many times we could stop at the local IGA. Fortunately we only made two grocery stops or so this time. The grocery store had beer, but did not sell wine. So strange. Only Gatlinburg sold wine and liquor. I just thought it was odd to sell beer, but not wine?

Half of us loaded into the smaller mini van for the trip to Kroger. The others took all the kiddos back to the cabin for a while to burn off some energy. We ended up buying groceries to make dinner twice and enough for lunches and quick breakfasts. And beer, don't forget the beer. Lots of beer. Oh, and ice. To keep the beer cold.

We also checked out some of the views further up the cabin area- some really amazing ones!

That night, we had to find a sports bar for dinner. Why, might you ask? Our precious Mavericks were in game 6 that Sunday for the NBA championship! We asked around at the store, management office etc. for a good suggestion. Someone mentioned a new Buffalo Wild Wings that had just opened down the road. We tried finding it online and no luck, no phone number, nothing. Finally we just risked it and drove over that direction and ended up finding it. We got seat, had a nice dinner and watched the game until half time. But watching a full game at a sports bar isn't conducive to kiddos or a baby much less. So most of us left at halftime. My brother in law, Mike and my parents stayed to watch until the end. My mom is a HUGE Mavs fan as is Mike. The rest of us watched it back at the cabin where we could lay the baby on the floor without risk of her being trampled by a drunk guy.

As you know, we got our happy ending and the Mavs won! After a long day of travelling and basketball, it was time to call it a night.

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