Monday, July 18, 2011

Wednesday Williamisms

Okay, it's not Wednesday, a few days late, but here it is, live from Las Vegas!

Gotta love this one......"Mommy, come wipe my butt."

Lately, Will is into saying "Never!" Of course he says it with a certain flair.

"Mommy, I've got a hangnail!" he tries to stall when going to bed. This was after he had been in bed almost an hour and suddenly peers over the railing upstairs to tell me about his hangnail.

As I am telling him how much I will miss him when I go out of town for work this week, he says, "Don't worry mommy, I will call you and then you will be happy again and not sad." So sweet!

We have a nightly routine of saying various I love yous etc. I always kiss him and my hair falls onto his face as I do so, so now each night, he asks me to "put my hair in his face". So i do. I told him Daddy would have to tuck him in while I am out of town. He said, "but Daddy has short hair"....knowing he wouldn't be able to do that part of our nightly routine. lol

While reading his I'll Love You Forever book, a little boy gets in trouble for saying bad words. William says, "Just like daddy? He says bad words.". Yes, yes, he does son.

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Scrappie J- said...

the things kids say ha...LOL