Friday, August 12, 2011

Shake Your Groove Thing

Well you might have noticed my posting became well...non-existent for the last month or so. The reason-- our big annual user conference at work. It consumed my life a bit. It is finally over though and was a huge success.

I spent six nights in Las Vegas at the ARIA Resort & Casino where our conference was held. The resort is beautiful. I had a great view of the pool, which was almost torture. I'd look down each day, watching folks catching rays, enjoying a frozen beverage while I headed down to work. Torture, I tell you!

My view also included looking towards Mandalay Bay, the hotel Alan and I got married at over 10 years ago.
I was working so hard, I didn't have much time to play or gamble. We did enjoy a little fun at night. We also had a big party on Monday evening and it had a 70s theme with a live band. Everyone dressed up and we also participated in a flash mob that you can view on youtube.

One night we did catch the Bellagio fountain show next door, which was nice considering the slight breeze off the water on a hot night!

I also headed to my favorite place in Vegas, downtown. Most folks don't care for downtown or get it, but I love the old school vibe and I can actually afford to gamble here where the minimums aren't $25. I did get to play a little craps at the Horseshoe at least. We also checked at the amazing new pool at the Golden Nugget, complete with water slide through an aquarium.

I had a good time, but six nights in Vegas is a little much, even for me. Plus, when you are there for work, well it isn't the same as vacation. I was so ready to see my little guy when I got home. He ran to the door at day care to hug me really tight when he saw me after I got back. I did talk to him each night on the phone and I could tell he lost more and more interest each day. The first day he talked for a good 5-8 minutes or so. By the last night, he said a few words and was handing off the phone to Alan again. Alan and Will had a great time together while I was gone- a little boys only time.

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