Friday, September 23, 2011

No Flash Pictures Please

Welcome foolish mortals to the Haunted Mansion. I am your host, your ghost host.

So those of you familiar with my Disney insanity might recognize that as part of the script from the ever popular Haunted Mansion attraction at Disney parks.

As we prepare for our upcoming Walt Disney World (WDW) trip (in just 21 days by the way), William is getting more and more excited. We recently did the quick one day trip to Disneyland where he rode the Haunted Mansion. It wasn't his first ride, probably more like his 4th or so, since he rode it a number of times on two prior trips to WDW.

However, I think this was the first time he really got it all and loved it. You might think a three year old would be afraid of the dark and ghosts, but not this kid. He loved the fake thunderstorm as we walked in, adored all of the ghosts and didn't blink an eye at the dark (not that I could see in the dark anyways).

So after loving his ride on the Haunted Mansion, he referred to it simply as "ghosts" and then asked to ride again. Since our day at Disneyland, he has asked to listen to the soundtrack of the ride. Yes, crazy old Disney lady here has the spiel/song of course. I think I have almost all of the ride soundtracks on my phone (thanks to the good old days of free downloading). He almost has the entire spiel memorized.

Imagine our laughter when he comes in the room and tells us, in an ever so slow and dark voice, "No flash pictures please." Just like on the ride. Too funny.

So as our countdown continues, William puts a sticker up each morning so he has a toddler's view of how much longer until our trip. He is so excited to see his ghost friends and is even going to try out another ghost venture...the Hollywood Tower of Terror. While he has been tall enough to ride this for a while, I just wasn't sure it was a good idea to put a two year old on a ride that drops you repeatedly over and over again down 13 stories. But after showing him a YouTube video, he is on board. Why? Well because there are ghosts and lightning involved. That won him over. We will see how this almost four year old does, but given he is pretty good with thrills and not easily scared, he might just love it. We'll keep you posted on how he does, until then, our little ghost host can't wait!

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Cozyflier said...

I bet he loves it! We do! My kids have loved it for years, but then they have been doing free falls in the airplane since they were babies! Roller coasters and Tower of Terror don't phase mine!

Have fun, we will be there in 69 days!