Monday, September 12, 2011

The Perfect Job?

Those that know me, know of my passion for all things Disney, especially anything Disney Parks related. I've helped countless friends and family plan their vacations to Walt Disney World and other Disney destinations. I am crazy enough to even have a running spreadsheet and word document of tips that I can send to a friend or coworker on the fly if they tell me they are taking a trip.

So in that effort, I usually get folks telling me how I should do that for a living-- plan Disney trips! How I would love to do that, but it isn't as easy as it seems to make a living doing that. But there is one way in which I could put all of my passion and knowledge to good use- the 2012 Disney World Moms Panel. While the panel is no longer just aimed at "moms", it is a panel of everyday people like me, who just happen to share a passion for Disney parks.

I've applied the last three years now, never making it to round two. But, in the same vain as Nemo, I just keep swimming. Who knows why I wasn't chosen in past years, so I'll keep applying each and every year.

The Disney World MOMs Panel has changed over the years and they now accept Dads, Aunts, Grandmas and more. They are also segmenting the panel into areas of expertise, including Disney Cruise Line (DCL), Disney Vacation Club (DVC), RunDisney and more. Panelists answer questions on the Disney Moms Panel website and also undergo extensive training in early December at WDW, courtesy of Disney. So there are definitely perks, but the real perk for me would be having an outlet to share my passion and know I am helping others make their trips more magical!

So today was the big day to submit your application, which included a number of questions. There was at least one basic question to test your knowledge of Disney parks, then the rest were open ended questions with a 100 word limit. Who knew expressing yourself in 100 words or less could be so difficult? Well, I did. I am the queen of being long-winded!

So now the application is in and confirmed. Now we wait. Typically they send out notices by e-mail to the second round participants by mid October. Perfect timing- just when I am going to be on my trip at WDW! Last year, round two participants had to submit a 60 second video and a sample planning sheet.

So whether I make it to round two (finally) or not, it is fun to try and participate. So here is some pixie dust and best wishes to all of my fellow Disney "freaks" that applied today!

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