Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day at the Museum

We recently spent a gorgeous Saturday in late February at the local Science Museum down at Fair Park. I have fond memories of spending the night there with the girl scouts and participating in all sorts of fun workshops!

William really enjoys the children's section of the museum. So when we let him pick where to go (zoo, aquarium etc.), he chose the museum.

Here he is checking out a robotics exhibit. He was trying to use the robot arm to pick something up. With a little help from his daddy, he succeeded!

There is a very cool old periscope from a submarine that was captained by a local Texan and hero. You could look out to downtown Dallas!
William loved making this hot air balloon rise!
It's not a day at the kid's museum without a slide down fire truck playground!

There is also a cool water play area. Thankfully they provide waterproof aprons!

After tackling almost the entire museum, we decided to head out and check out the aquarium at Fair Park. It isn't as nice as the Dallas World Aquarium, but still fun. They had a cool albino alligator and we got to watch the staff feed the octopus.

We then headed outside to enjoy the weather at Fair Park, exploring the little pond and the grounds. We missed the State Fair this year since we had our big Disney trip in October, but we will definitely go this year!

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